What is Digi Boxx How to Download ?


Here we will know what is Digi Boxx Download, how we can use it for which works and how to do it, as well as we will also know which country this app or website belongs to and how safe it is.

What is digi boxx

What is Digi Boxx, Digi Boxx is a file storage and sharing platform i.e. you can upload your files securely on it and can transfer or share it from one place to another.

Digi Boxx is a cloud service, if you have used Google Drive, then you can use Digi Boxx in the same way, you can download its application from the Play Store or App Store in your mobile and if you want online You can also use this service by creating an account on the website.


If you want to save your photo video or documents somewhere, then Digi Boxx will be the best for you, here your uploaded photo video or document will remain safe for years and whenever you need these materials If needed, you can get it by signing in any mobile or computer from your same account.

Just like you lock your money, money or clothes or any document in your locker or suitcase in your house, similarly, Digi Boxx is also there, you will upload your photo video or document in it and it is completely safe. No one will be able to see it, then whenever you need these documents or videos, you can download them back to your phone or computer from Digi Boxx.

Currently, we are getting up to 20 GB of free space in Digi Boxx, that is, you will be able to upload up to 20 GB of photo video or document in digiboxx storage absolutely free.

If you do not want to keep the Digi Boxx application downloaded in your mobile, then you can take advantage of this facility by going to their website directly through any browser on your mobile or computer and login in there. Is that to take advantage of this feature, you have to download and keep their application in your mobile.

Digi Boxx is the best option for storing digital data, digital data means that the content that you see or keep in your mobile computer or browser such as photos, videos, documents, etc. So till now, we have found out what is Digi Boxx, now we will know from which country is Digi Boxx.

Digi Boxx is a company from which country?

Digibox storage is an Indian cloud service i.e. this company is from India and its server is in India, any data you upload on it will be stored in India only. The way Google Drive is Google’s company, similarly DG Box is India’s company.

Who is the owner of Digi Boxx? digiboxx owner

Digi Boxx was launched by niti aayog, niti aayog is an organization set up by the Government of India and its job is to provide technical consultancy related to the important functions of policy to the government at the central and state level.

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Digi Boxx is also taking forward the self-reliant India campaign of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, as till now we used to upload our data on cloud storage created by foreign companies but now we secure all our data on indigenous company Digi Boxx. Will be able to store

The size of Digi Boxx Mobile Application is currently 8.85 MB, but it will keep on coming with new updates over time and then its size may also increase, so far more than 10 thousand people have downloaded the mobile app DigiBox in their mobile phones. Huh.

So far we have known what Digi Boxx is, and who is the owner of the country, who is the owner of it, now let us know on what date it was launched.

Digi Boxx Launch Date

Digi Boxx was released on October 16, 2020, and was offered by Liqvd Asia. This application may have to allow access to the camera, memory, and some more information in your mobile phone.

Digi Boxx was launched last month on 22 December 2020, this digital file storage platform can be used for personal as well as business.

Just like you upload your digital data like photos, videos or documents on the platform of foreign companies like OneDrive, you can use this indigenous platform and promote self-reliant India. After digi boxx launching date, now we know about its safety.

How Safe is Digi Boxx?

Digi Boxx is an Indian company and it is hosted on the Indian server itself, for a long time there have been questions on the security of foreign applications, in view of this, NITI Aayog has hosted this application on the server of India so that it can be completely Is kind of safe.

How to use Digi Boxx?

open Digi box directly in any browser of your mobile or computer. You can take advantage of this service. And now in this post of what is Digi Boxx, we will learn to download this app.

Access Digi Boxx from anywhere

Once you create your account on digiboxx storage, the user name and password will be sent to you by email, you will be able to access this platform from anywhere with the same user name and password. So now let’s learn how to run DigiBox in a computer in this series of what is Digi Boxx.

How to run Digi Boxx on PC

You open the browser in your computer, then type in https://app.digiboxx.com/ This URL is also sent to your email, search after typing this URL and then click above login in the top right side. Please login by entering your username, email, password.

And finally

In the name of online data storage, in the market, you will find an application or website in the wholesale price, but before using them, make sure to check their reliability thoroughly, otherwise, all the data of your mobile may be licked or stolen. Due to which you can suffer a huge loss.

From the Play Store, Google keeps removing many apps every month, which are lacking in something big, and they are stealing the user’s data in one way or the other but without trusting Google, they come to the Play Store Check the apps thoroughly and find out if this app is worth downloading in our mobile or not.

By not using the application of foreign companies, you can help in promoting Modi Ji’s campaign “Self-reliant India” by using the application of the domestic companies, and there is no risk of your privacy in using the app of the domestic company. It is here that your data remains safe.

So we went here to know what is Digi Boxx Download, as well as information about the process of accessing this platform from mobile to computer.

If you want more information about this app or if you want to give any question or suggestion related to this post-Digi Boxx What is Download, then please visit the comment box below.


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